Ars musica: contemporary score notation

arsmusica_graphic_1 example of contemporary music score by Ars musica co. (Marek Kunicki).. I can engrave everything (I think)..

..I’m not saying Finale is the best in the world, but it is pretty wide open..

example: Multiple Image (2016) by Tadeusz Wielecki

Welcome to the website of Ars Musica Sp. z o.o.

My name is Marek Kunicki. My company is specialized in preparation of a widely understood music notation and music graphics for publications (books, booklets, presentations), scientific works (bachelor’s and master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and others). Moreover, my company offers a full service in the area of preparation of music scores: re-writing manuscripts, preparation for publication, preparation of orchestral parts, preparation of piano transcriptions for the registration of music pieces at ZAiKS.